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  1. Great race in Texas! Congratulations Lionel! Thanks for your interesting topics about your run in California when you explain: “For lack of a better term, I am no longer myself, I am the act of running.” Positive inspiration to focus on the goal and not crack under pressure? Go Lionel 🙂

  2. Hey Lionel,
    congratulations to a remarkable and unbelievable race in Kona.
    You are a machine, you are an idol for many age groupers and you are one of the strongest athletes in triathlon. Crazy running Patrick had a great day too. But next year you will achive big goals. I am sure!!!

    Best Regards and great respect to you from Germany.

  3. what. a. warrior. incredible race in Kona my man. no doubt in my mind that you will be back even stronger next year. for those skeptical about what you can do when you put your head down and work, look no further than Lionel Sanders.

    Best regards from Indiana!

  4. Looking at your exceptional race, I felt your tenacity, ..your fighting spirit! you encourage us to run with optimistic values and to overcome obstacles with patience and perseverance: Thumbs up Lionel! Thumbs up to your family!
    Best regards from Belgium!

  5. Hi Lionel
    I just want to send a post to show you my deepest respect. You are a truly great sportsman, and a very inspiring person to follow. By beeing half Canadien my self, I celebrate you as a countryman on any off your contests. Today I live in Denmark, so iff you ever decide to Go for Ironman Copenhagen.
    You will have a countryman there to race with you at cheer for you.
    Best of luck for the season Champ.

    Best regards
    Peter Michael

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