Oceanside 70.3 By the Numbers

After Panama 70.3 I took five days very easy, a few of which were off. I recommenced training for Oceanside 70.3 on February 6th. Here are the numbers that led to that performance, not including the race itself:

Total training days: 56

Total swim distance in meters: 219482

Daily swim average in meters: 3919

Total days off swimming: 8

Total bike time in hours and minutes: 75:17

Daily bike average in hours and minutes: 1:20

Total days off biking: 6

Total run distance in kilometers: 749

Daily run average in kilometers: 13.4

Total days off running: 7

Total training time in hours and minutes: 187:54

Daily training average in hours and minutes: 3:21

To give you a sense of the intensity of those minutes, here is my time spent in the various zones on the bike (running is similar):

Training Zones in California 70.3 Build Up

7 thoughts on “Oceanside 70.3 By the Numbers

  1. Clearly I’m not training enough…ha ha. Surprising how much time on the bike is in Zone 1 & 2… Glad you shared the zones breakdown (easy days are easy, hard days are hard I believe you said’ish). Congrats again.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! Kinda affirms my move to lower intensity for more of my training. Really help you sharing all this with us Lionel. Learning a tonne. Appreciate you bro!

    • 219482m over 48 swim days = 4572m/day
      75:17 bike time over 50 bike days = 1:30 bike/day
      749km over 49 run days = 15.3km/day

  3. Why such a short bike average time per day ? Do you do large variations in your training durations or chose to do short sessions ?

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