Panama 70.3 By the Numbers

I started training for Panama 70.3 on December 7th 2015, and the race occurred on January 31st 2016. Here are the numbers that led to that performance, not including the race itself:

Total Training Days: 55

Total Swim Distance in Meters: 216650

Daily Swim Average in Meters: 3939

Total Days off of Swimming: 6

Total Bike Time in Hours and Minutes: 60:31

Daily Bike Average in Hours and Minutes: 1:06

Total Days off of Biking: 7

Total Run Distance in Kilometers: 660

Daily Run Average in Kilometers: 12

Total Days off of Running: 7

Total Training Time in Hours and Minutes: 167:58

Daily Training Average in Hours and Minutes: 3:03

7 thoughts on “Panama 70.3 By the Numbers

  1. It seems that you put more time swimming than biking. Was that the case? Working more on your “less strong” discipline?

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