A Walk to the Pier

We were originally going to do a video of today’s training, but Erin forgot to bring the camera on both the bike and run. So instead, here’s the next best thing: A video of us bickering as we walk to the pier. All couples have their issues!

With regards to training. Today I did a 3k swim straight into a 100k bike with 2x1hr intervals straight to 18k off the bike. Here’s the data from the bike and run:



6 thoughts on “A Walk to the Pier

  1. Hey Lionel, looking forward to following you on Saturday. How are you managing the “taper madness”?
    I read on Barrie Shepley’s Facebook page that there is a Team Sanders jersey. When are you going to start selling them on your website? Put me down for 2 pre-orders 🙂

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