IM Day in Kona

Final big one before the race. 1hr swim to 160k bike to 10mile run. Didn’t have much on the bike, but came down with a cold last night / this morning, so that could have played a role. Erin apologises for a brief slip-up with vulgarity.

8 thoughts on “IM Day in Kona

  1. Definitely consider replacing that rim. No reason to risk it when you’ve still got 2 weeks to break in a new one. Super stoked to watch you race. You’ve put in an incredible amount of hard work. Now it is time to taper and look forward to this massive opportunity to put a hurtin’ on the field.

  2. Best of luck with the rest of your taper and put all your hard work to use race day. Looking forward to watching race day and know you’ll do great! Thanks for sharing and bring us along for the journey.

  3. They will have removed big rocks from the road on race day. Should go much smoother.

    Crush the bike as you always do, but always save a little power for your run legs.

    You will be on the podium at this one!

  4. Hey Lionel, Great report!! Looking Solid! Stay fresh and focused for race day!! I was reading Joe Skipper’s twitter feed today and noticed this little bit of advice Crowie had posted for him. Keep this in mind while you race; It might be your first time here but that doesn’t mean squat, go win this thing!!

    “Craig Alexander ‏@CrowieAlexander Sep 22

    @joe_skipper88 I wish I’d believed in myself more and not listened when told it was going to take 5 yrs to race well there. Good luck mate.”

  5. Great video Erin and Lionel. Thanks for putting it together and sharing it.

    In my view, all things being equal, you are going to give the Kona veterans a serious run-for-their-money. They will be looking in their rear view mirror during the bike, waiting nervously for you.

    Windsor, Ontario and Canada will be cheering you on!

    Best of luck,


    PS – I met you during the award ceremony at the Muskoka 70.3. (My young daughter and I took a photo with you). It was a pleasure to meet you. Afterwards, I said to my daughter ‘You just met the guy who will win Kona one day.”

  6. I will be rooting for you Lionel! Thanks for sharing the videos, super cool. Like garrett said, I would definitely replace that wheel…really don’t want mechanical issues.

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