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  1. Hi Lionel– Can you share with me how you calculate your sweat rate? I understand you measuring your weight loss, and the fluid intake… how do you get sweat rate from that? Also, how do you set your target for fluid intake based on that? Are you trying to take in 80% of your losses (since a 100% match is impossible due to GI distress)…. THANK YOU– Nice video

    • I weigh in before the workout. I measure how much fluid I consume during the workout. If I have to pee, I pee in a bucket and measure how much is in it afterwards. I then weigh in after the workout. Subtract post-weight from pre-weight then convert that number to liters. Add to that how much you consumed. Subtract from that any urine. Divide that by total workout duration in minutes. Multiply that by 60 minutes. That gives you your sweat rate per hour.

      On the bike, I try and keep pace 100% with my sweat rate. So I try and consume a minimum of 2L/hr. On the run, I strive to not have a deficit of more than 1L/hr. Ideally, I would come off the bike dead even and then lose only 0.5L/hr on the run. Thus, finishing an Ironman having lost only 1.5L or so, which would be a loss of only 3.3lbs of body weight. That is a bit ambitious though. More realistically I am looking to come off the bike very close to even and only have deficit of 1L/hr on the run, which at the end of an Ironman would be about 3L deficit or 6.6lbs or about 4% of my body weight.

      • Wonderfully calculated and explained…I have a question though – you don’t mention any fluid loss during the swim portion. But indicate you want to come off the bike dead even. Is it that you don’t calculate anything for fluid loss during the swim, or are you planning to drink sufficient fluids to replenish what you lost in the swim during the bike phase?

  2. I have a question for you; it seems you exclusively swim, bike, run. Everytime I see your videos though all I can think is ‘he has a huge chest — dude lifts’. lol.
    How often in a week do you incorporate sessions of stretching and weights?

    • I have tinkered around with weights in the past, but I find the risk outweighs the benefits. If I need a strength session I will do short fast run repeats (60 second 400s for instance) or short high wattage bike repeats (20 seconds at 600w for instance). As well, I lifted weights for a few weeks this past winter and I immediately put on weight. I am already on the heavier end (in triathlon, for my height), so I do not need to carry around any extra weight.

      As for stretching, I can’t remember the last time I stretched.

      • Thanks Lionel.
        Well you are a beast…an analytical beast, as a science nut I appreciate your openness and thoroughness with your training, not just with respect to S/B/R, but fluidics, RH, heat, etc… in preparation for ‘the show’ in Kona.
        I would love to see a titty bounce when you cross the finish line to say ‘F**K Yeah, Canada!—we’re on the podium again”
        Goodluck—i will be watching ALL day.

  3. you mentioned kona will have pro aid stations for your custom bottles, is that for bike and run? Do you use a sludge bottle approach in other races?

    • I’m not sure about the bike. I haven’t been able to get a definite answer. Even if this is available for the bike, I will not utilize it. I will have all my calories and electrolytes on board and will just need bottles of water from aid stations.

      In other races I will use a super concentrate in small bottles in a fuel belt, and then drink water at aid stations. In a hot race this is not enough though. I cannot just drink at aid stations. I am trying to find out if it is possible to take a full bottle of water from an aid station. If this is possible, I would have my super concentrates on a Fuel Belt, and then a hand holder to carry a water bottle, that I would exchange at aid stations.

      • Hey Lionel, I was wondering what your plan was on the bike also. I’ve done 6 IM with Infinite now and 2x Kona and my approach has always been the same. I use a Profile Design aero bottle up front with normal concentrate and then I start the ride with a 2x concentrate bottle on the downtube and one behind my saddle. After the normal concentrate bottle is done up front, I add my 2x frame bottle to the PD aero bottle up front and then take water from every aid station and supplement my 2x concentrate up front. Once the first 2x concentrate bottle is done, I add the rear mounted 2x bottle and that basically gets me through the 180K ride. I’ve also taken some coke at the aid station in Kona too for a change. I feel it’s got magical powers near the end of the bike! This works for my 5ish hour bike ride, so I’m curious if you will do something similar for your sub 4:30 ride!! 🙂

  4. The video updates are awesome! Even Erin’s small cameo appearance at the end 🙂 You are the only pro that I see that provides this level of insight into his training and this gives the fans both an opportunity to have a glimpse into the preparation of an elite athlete. but also the person itself and that is a privilege. Nothing but positive wishes and vibes in Kona. Safe to say that many many fans are rooting for you.

  5. Question: Why the sauna? Is the extra stress that it puts on your body really worth it? Obviously if you’re doing it you think so, but I guess what I’m asking is where does this come from?

  6. Hi Lionel,

    Quick question, not sure if I missed it in the clip, but in Kona will you account for the sweat loss during the swim in the early stages of the bike or balance it out over the entire 180km and try and come out even before the run.

  7. Do you consider to use ice at the aid stations in Kona? Lots og “big” athletes have done this in the past with good success. Known strategies are: Ice in the cap and ice in small latexgloves that you bring on the run. Maybe something to try out in training? You could measure your coretemp. at the start and finish of a long hot run with and without ice. Maybe also track you heartrate? My guess is that you will see and feel a big difference. Cheering for you in Kona!

  8. great vid! Must see your avarage heart rate on the bike is very low! (when i compare it when im doing a similar workout) . is 140bpm in your case zone 4?

    I wish u all the best for kona!! keep up the good work!!

    • Lionel, I literally just finished reading the Star Article too, and was coming on here to wish you luck as well!—happy to see you are getting a real following.
      Last year I watched the pro’s all day because I enjoy doing that, having submerged myself into this sport, but this year I will have a Canadian pride, a Lionel pride, a hope that you do great—whatever ‘great’ means to you.
      All the best!

  9. Is that all you ate for the day? If so, I’m eating way too much. Also, how much do you weigh and what is your height? Thanks for sharing.

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