5 thoughts on “IM Day: Kona Special

  1. Not an expert my any means, but noticed that at the start of you swim video your right arm was recovering significantly higher than your left.

  2. Lionel you are a beast with an amazing ability. I wish you the best in Kona. I am however concerned that you may burn yourself out but I trust you and your coaches know what you are doing.

    Take care.

  3. I am tired just watching lol. You are amazing, and I love that you share with your fans. I can’t wait for follow you in Kona, no matter what the day brings you are the BEST! and Erin thanks! for the commentary, you are great!

  4. Great work. Rooting for you big time on the big island.

    The shifting of your mind to not weaken in the heat seems quite striking. BTW: a freshii just opened down the street – I’ll check it out!

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