Tecumseh Triathlon

A brief synopsis on today’s race:


Some might not have me on Facebook so this video may not make much sense. The back story is that a friend (Ol’ Prak) and I had a competition at a local triathlon. If he finished within 13% of my time he would get to shave my moustache off at the finish line. If I beat him by 13% he would have to grow his moustache for 2 months. Here is the flyer he created for the event:

13% Flyer


There then became a bet within a bet when Ol’ Prak informed everyone that my intention was to try and hold 48kph on the bike for the 32k bike ride. Some of the bets placed were:

  1. If I held 48kph for even one lap of the two lap course they would shave their forearms.
  2. If I held 47kph for the ride they would grow their moustache for all of XC season i.e. until the second week of November.
  3. If I held 48kph they would tape my moustache trimmings to their face and wear them until the end of August.

Here is the Garmin file from the ride:

Tecmuseh Tri Bike Data


Needless to say, many bets were lost this day.


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  1. As always Lionel you make Triathlon look easy and fun. Very tongue in cheek reporting. Thanks Erin for keeping us all in the loop. Can anyone take the ‘stache’?!

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