6 thoughts on “Racine 70.3

  1. Congrats Lionel. Another great race! Keep that race belt connected and just step through it rather than trying to connect it. Should save you a solid 3 seconds next time! 🙂

  2. Well done and congrats on the repeat victory at Racine. No apologies need on the video length, it’s great to hear from a pro about your thoughts pre and post race. Thanks for sharing, enjoy the recovery and continue the good work.

  3. You are a beast! Congrats. It was great to hear you speak at the Freshii lunch n learn. Excited to see you transition to the full IM distance later this summer heading into KONA. All the best!

  4. These video’s are great for newbie’s to get real insight on how Pro’s approach and strategize on races successes and failures… Thanks for taking the time to make the video’s!

  5. Wait, What? Did I hear that you do bike training at Ford’s Test track? What does that look like? 100 one mile repeats? The soccer moms must get a kick out of you 🙂

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