8 thoughts on “Training Day #1

  1. I am lost for words, incredible what you have to do to be Pro. Do you ever run outside in the winter I hate training indoors no matter how cold it is. I wish you all the best for 2015. Amazing!

    • I actually don’t run outside, ever. The only time is during races, or if I travel to a race a few days in advance. I went to a training camp in Kona this past October and did 7 of 9 runs on the treadmill. To be honest, I actually prefer the treadmill and CompuTrainer to “regular” running and biking. In a perfect world, I will eventually live in a climate where I can put my CompuTrainer and treadmill outside, to catch some rays. Thanks for the comment. And best of luck in your training and racing as well.

      • I’m with Grace. I simply cannot motivate myself like that indoors. I will stumble, slip and slide outside. I do marvel at your ability to make it work for you.

  2. WOW…I am also training for my first IronMan at Tremblant in August…totally freaking out. But I guess not now after I see you and I am doing about a third of what you are doing…also don’t think I could ever run that fast (maybe someday)…PS I currently live in Yellowknife…hahah fun training and I run outside on the “ice road” at times 🙂 Will be back in Southwestern Ontario in the summer! Looking forward to seeing more motivational clips and feeling your pain/progression (This video also made my day…even though I should have been sleeping hours ago just couldnt resist when I saw the link). Question…What is it that motivates you, Keeps you going and staying positive? (all while staring at that wall). I am confident I can complete the race with all the hard work and training leading up to it but at times the rest of my life gets in the way and there are days when I just want to sleep in and skip work! if only I could train and just train all day every day. (that would be the life 😉

  3. I like your posts; they’re great motivation to get out (or ride in my basement during the winter) and train. It looks like you don’t use a fan on the trainer. I just read that you can train harder indoors with one because your body’s using less energy to cool yourself. Silly question: do you use a fan?

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