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I apologize for my long absence. I made a major move, so it took a while to settle into the new digs. I have also implemented a lot of new things into my training regimen, which have taken time to adapt to. After several weeks I am beginning to find a rhythm.

The first major change was my training room. Erin and I made the move from Hamilton back to my hometown of Windsor Ontario. We were set on finding a place that has both a bedroom and a spare room, which could be my training studio. For those who don’t know, in Hamilton, Erin was kind enough to allow me to convert our bedroom into a training studio, and we slept in the living room. This was getting old pretty quick, especially since I am trying to get to bed at a decent time, and often Erin works until 8 p.m. and so will stay up a bit later than I. Fortunately, in Windsor, we were able to find a place with a bedroom and a small spare room. Here it is:

New Training Room

You will notice that Old Landice is no longer present. He has been replaced with a NordicTrack C1750. Old Landice lived a good life. He and I spent nearly 4000 kilometers together this year. Not to mention, his previous owner was a former winner of the Toronto Marathon, so one can only imagine how many thousands (or tens of thousands) of kilometers Old Landice had endured. I will never forget Old Landice, and the lessons he taught me about the joys of training indoors. He will forever be missed. That being said, the new treadmill runs like a dream. It took a few runs to adapt to the new deck, but I am quickly starting to fall in love all over again.

So far this season I have been very surprised with how quickly fitness comes back. Last year was my first year of training full time. It took me about 8 months to get into peak shape i.e. the shape I was in going into 70.3 World Championship. What’s interesting is that after only 1 month of training for 2015, I am already completing workouts in all three disciplines that are comparable to the workouts I was doing going into 70.3 Worlds. This has given me a greater appreciation for why many athletes believe convicted dopers should be given lifetime bans, at least from professional sport. Using performance enhancing drugs allows you to train at a level that is not humanly possible through natural means. This results in adaptations that are not humanly possible by natural means. When you go off the drugs you will not be able to train at this level any longer, but you certainly can maintain the fitness that you have built, which was built by unnatural means. Thus, you will always be at an advantage over someone who has not used performance enhancing drugs. I am quickly beginning to side with the lifetime ban group, at least from professional sport.

My top workout I have completed in running thus far:

  • 10x(1 kilometer @3:06/km and 1% with 400 meters recovery @5:20/km)

My top workout I have completed in biking thus far:

  • 40x(1 minute @410w w/1:45 recovery @230w)

My top workout I have complete in swimming thus far:

  • 3×200 (Free, Drill, Free)
  • 10×50 Kick on 1:05
  • 8×100 Pull on 1:35
  • 4×200 Free on 3:00 descend 1-4
  • 2×400 Free on 6:15 descend
  • 800 Free on 12:00 where must go out in first 400F time from last piece, and then negative split.
  • 300 c/d (Free, Back Free)

Overall I am happy with where training is sitting at the moment. I have also been making a huge effort to eat better. This means a lot more fruit and vegetables, a lot less sugar, and a lot less processed foods. Cutting out the sugar was definitely the most difficult part. For days I was having severe headaches each morning. But, I think I am past that now and I am feeling a lot healthier because of it. I have also been trying to do more preventative maintenance. This means more massage and chiro. As with eating properly, I am finding that spending a bit more time to keep my body in working order is leaving me feeling a lot better from day to day. Finally, I have implemented a strength training routine with my dad. I used to hate lifting weights, but now that I have something to apply it to (triathlon) and someone to do it with (my dad) I am really starting to enjoy it. I am waking up in the middle of the night realizing that I have been thinking about the next time I will do some squats.

Very soon I will begin updating this blog more regularly. Currently I am just waiting to solidify my sponsors for next year so that I can properly restructure the blog. As well, I would like to give those sponsors due credit in training videos etc. so I will wait to do another one of these until everything is set in stone. I hope to have all of this stuff worked out by January 1st, so at that point I will begin updating more regularly. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. Thanks for reading and following along.


13 thoughts on “What’s up…

  1. Been following you for a while now and it’s impressive to see your improvements and achievements. You must have been stoked after IMf!

    Good blog and surprised you are so open with your training metrics. They are very impressive!!

    Tell me what will be your tire size and width for the coming race/ training year. Specificly will you be running wide 23’s or 25’s wheels and what will be the matching tire wheel combo’s?

    Seems like there is a shift in this respect and you having such a smoking bike speed it would be interesting to know your thoughts.


    • Thanks for the feedback and the comment Doug. Next year (as with August onwards this year) I will be riding a Shimano C75 on the front and the Pro Textreme disc wheel. They are both 24mm width. I don’t completely understand the science behind the tire widths yet. My current understanding is that the wider tire and rim makes for a smoother ride, and allows for more contact with the road and thus better power transfer. But the increase in width is less aerodynamic. And the cost vs. benefits is apparently inconclusive. All this year I rode 23mm tires. I did intend on riding 25mm tires at IMFL, but I couldn’t get a set of Vittoria Evo CXs in in time, so just went with the 23mm tires. Ask me again in a few months and hopefully I will have a better answer for you. As of right now, I’m not knowledgeable enough on the performance differences to give a sound comment.

  2. Thanks for the update! Great to see you have a nice pain cave going. My wife makes me put mine in the laundry room next to the kitty litter and dog food 😦

  3. “I am waking up in the middle of the night realizing that I have been thinking about the next time I will do some squats.”
    hahaha – dude, you got yourself a problem!

    • I haven’t done an FTP test in probably 10 or 11 months, but I would guess that somewhat fresh I could hold 420w or so for 20 minutes. Taking 95% of that to be FTP would be around 400w. I think outside, in a race environment I might possibly be able to hold that for an hour. So, 410w is probably a bit above FTP.

  4. I appreciate your comment about the lifetime ban due to the gains you cant give away coming from a second chance type person. I compare it to muscle mass the some high school kids get from steroids playing football. Keep up the good training and blogging.

    • It definitely is an issue with many angles, and it’s tough to come up with an all encompassing solution. I do believe that in many instances individuals should be given a second chance. In the triathlon example, I don’t think an individual should be banned from the sport completely. Perhaps from professional competition and maybe even the highest levels of AG group competition, but not from competing in general, as I do think that through sport and physical activity most people grow mentally and spiritually, and that is all you can ever ask of someone.

      It’s much more challenging to make a comment on the topic with regards to high school kids as they tend to lack the ability to fully understand the consequences of their actions. It’s a tough topic and definitely could use some more open social discourse, without getting too passionate about one’s views.

  5. Lionel, Happy New Year! Any thoughts on the new treadmill? I’m looking to purchase a C1750 but was concerned about the motor. Have you noticed any performance issues? If you can’t break it, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

    • Hey Jan. Happy New Year to you as well. Hopefully things are off to a good start for you in 2015. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary with the C1750. Every now and then you feel it slow and then speed up slightly, but I have yet to run on a treadmill that doesn’t do this. It could very well be something external to the motor like the power in the house / at the gym. I’m very happy with the purchase. The only downside to the machine is that it only goes 12mph. I am up to 1km repeats at 12mph and 2% grade, so I think for Vo2Max workouts I am reaching the limits of the machine. I don’t want to go much higher than a 2% grade, now do I want to do Vo2Max intervals much longer than a mile. If the budget permits, I will likely upgrade to a treadmill that goes faster than 12mph next year, but that is the only reason I would get rid of this treadmill.

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