Mid Move Update

I am currently in the process of moving / transitioning from Hamilton to Windsor Ontario. We are all moved into our new place, but are still doing a bit of work to get the place in good working order. I intend on being completely settled in by the end of the weekend, at which point I will begin updating on here more regularly with training videos and posts.

On a sad note, my treadmill “Old Landice” finally died. I had a repairman come out to assess the damage and he said “I don’t seem ’em this old too often, it’s not even worth fixing.” Thus, I have purchased a brand new treadmill. It should arrive within a week or so. In the meantime, I have been using the treadmills at the local gym.

From a swimming standpoint, over the last two weeks I have done an analysis of the major swim clubs here in Windsor. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to improve my swimming is to utilize a bit of both clubs. For day to day swimming I will swim with the Windsor Aquatic Club, and for 1 on 1 analysis I will utilize the head coach of Windsor Essex Swim Team. I think this set up will allow me to see the most rapid gains.

This past week I had the opportunity to go on a show called Endurance Junkie Podcast. If you have a free 30 minutes, check it out here:


Additionally, yesterday I had the privilege of going into the AM800 studios and being a guest on RunningFlat Radio. It was a ton of fun to see what it’s like in a radio studio, and Chris and Kelly made for a very enjoyable 40 minutes. Check it out here:

Once things settle down here I will get back into my normal routine. Thanks for reading and following along!



11 thoughts on “Mid Move Update

  1. One more thing – does your comment regarding swimming mean you will be swimming at the Essex Pool ocassionaly?

  2. Lionel, loved both interviews. It’s fantastic to hear you talk about your past so openingly in an attempt to help others overcome difficulties in life. That’s what being a role model is all about.

    P.S. Whatever CompuTrainer is paying you, it’s not enough…you are the poster child for indoor bike training. Amazing what you do.

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