Mid-Block Training Day

I started this final block going into 70.3 Worlds on Tuesday August 12th. Things have been going very well. On several occasions I have completed workouts that I was unsure beforehand whether I’d be able to complete. Instead of giving a synopsis with the written word, I thought I’d do a little video in the moment, in today’s training sessions. Today was day 10 of this block, and I am definitely starting to feel the fatigue. But, overall, I am happy with how the day went. Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Mid-Block Training Day

  1. Lionel,

    If anyone doubts that you are a threat for the 70.3 World Title in Tremblant, I say think again. Anyone who underestimates your chances is making a bad judgment in error.

    This session you did is large! Essentially 345W held for 2+Hrs of riding. I believe you say at 155lbs/70.5kg you cruise at 40-41kph. I am assuming at 345W your crushing 44-45kph. No one will out ride you looking at the contenders.

    Factor in the run that you did 10 x mile with only 400m rec at 5:00 pace it’s safe to say 1:08 half is in the tank after holding very high power on the bike 345W/70.5kg = just shy of 4.9W per KG. That number is crazy good for a professional cyclist and off the charts good for a tri athlete.

    I can sense that with just having your best swim of the year the above will take are of itself and I can see you winning the World Championship in two weeks time.

    Been following your results all year and your story. The greatest moments are fueled off the worst, Your story epitomizes this!

    Kick Ass Lionel in Tremblant!


    Shane Lavell!

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