Week in Review (Build 2, Week 2)

This was the second week of 2014. It ran from Wednesday January 8th to Tuesday January 14th. It took a while, but I am finally starting to put in some quality workouts on both the bike and run. Additionally, I am trying a bit of an experiment with swimming. It is no secret that my flexibility is very poor. This is very detrimental to swimming, but detrimental to good running as well. My theory is that by reducing my swim volume, and replacing that time with upper body flexibility work, and dry land training to practice the proper swim movements (internal rotation of the humerus inside the shoulder joint for instance), I can swim faster, by actually swimming less. I started this experiment yesterday, and will write a post about the results (in one month’s time).

Overall, the week went really well. My right knee is feeling a lot better. I had a bit of technological malfunction with my Garmin Vectors, but I purchased a high-end torque wrench so that I could tighten them to their exact specifications, and they seem to be working fine now. It is very likely that my first race will be in Arizona at the Desert Classic Duathlon. Additionally, I will likely race the Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon as well. The beauty of the half-marathon is that it is literally in the town that I will be staying, so I will have nearly a month’s worth of training on the course.  It is nice to have some fairly short term goals to be working towards.

In this post I will discuss two of my workouts from last week. The first will be my weekly brick session, and the second will be my weekly long ride. Once again, it is still early in the season, so I did not want to push things too much in the brick. But, I was starting to feel pretty good, so I decided to put in a bit more effort on the run. Here is what I intended to do for the workout:

  • 70m continuous @265w to
  • 12k run with the first 5k at tempo pace

Unfortunately, during this ride I ran into the technological malfunction I talked about in the beginning, and towards the end of the ride my cadence and power started cutting out. Up until that point I was averaging 266w, so I am confident I would have hit the intended wattage without the malfunction. Here is a graph of the bike data:

Bike Data from Brick

As you can see, once I got the wattage up to the intended average and settled into 265w pace, my heart rate remained fairly constant. In other words, 70 minutes at 265w is not very taxing. That is okay though, because each week I will be increasing the duration of this ride by 5 minutes, for the next couple of months. Additionally, after each phase, I will increase the wattage of this ride by 5. Ultimately, I am turning both the duration and intensity knobs quite frequently. Afterwards, I had my shoes and socks laid out and hurried up and put them on, then hopped onto the treadmill. My knee was starting to feel quite a bit better, so I got it up to pace rather quickly (within 2 minutes). I held the treadmill at 11mph for about 2 miles. I made it through 5k in exactly 17:30. This was 55 seconds faster than last week, and I certainly was starting to feel it. My increases from now on will be much smaller as I start to approach my intended off-the-bike half-marathon pace. I then reduced the speed on the treadmill and finished up the 12k in 46:33. Soon enough I will be running outside and will have actual Garmin data to present to you for the run portion.

The next workout I thought was a bit interesting was my weekly long ride. This week I was up to 2 hours and 10 minutes. My intended wattage was 260w. Here is a graph of the data:

Long Ride Data

What I found interesting about the graph is that there appears to be a bit of heart rate creep. The first half of the ride the average heart rate was 109 BPM and the second half was 113 BPM. It is not much but it is enough to show me that I am not completely adapted to this duration and intensity, so any increases in these two aspects need only be minimal. Next week I will bike for only 10 minutes longer, but at the same wattage.

I am now entering a relatively boring period of training. I will not do much different from week to week except slightly increase durations and intensities. That being said, if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out. Perhaps you can help me out with some ideas on what I could write / talk about!

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