Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 3, Week 4)

I am just going to quickly do my week in review for the week of Tuesday December 17th to Monday December 23rd as I would like to get to talking about my second FTP test that concludes this entire first build. During this week I had been suffering from a small running injury. I went and saw a physiotherapist about it and he reassured me that it was nothing serious. My IT band had probably moved in a strange way on a downhill run on snowy and icy footing, and inflamed the bursa sacs in my knee (hence why I run on the treadmill over the winter!!). That being said, I put in about 4 hours of walking/jogging/running. I did manage to replace a lot of the time I would have spent running with swimming, and managed to hit 45 kilometers in the pool (including PBing twice over 400m at the end of a 4000m set swimming 5:15 and then 5:15 again on a 7 minute pace time).

On the bike here is what I managed to do:

Tuesday December 17th: 60 minutes @275w

Tuesday Easy Ride

Wednesday December 18th: OFF

Thursday December 19th: 60 minutes @267w

Thursday Easy Ride

Friday December 20th: 3 x 20 minutes @375w with 5 minutes recovery (95 minutes total)

Friday Workout

Saturday December 21st: OFF

Sunday December 22nd: 120 minutes @ 250w

Sunday Long Ride

Monday December 23rd: OFF

The most interesting part of the week was that I finally got a heart rate reading for the long ride, which happened to be the maximum I will go for this first build. There was a bit of creep (the first half average was 102 BPM, and the second half average was 104 BPM) but this is very minimal. My conclusion is that it is time to increase the wattage a bit on this ride, starting in the beginning of the second build. Additionally, I pushed a very low cadence for the entire 2 hours (77 RPM) and my knee started to feel it towards the end (same one as running injury). That being said, in future long rides I will try and keep the cadence a bit higher to stay clear of unnecessary stress on the knees. Overall I was happy with how the week went. Next week I will be tapering for the FTP test that will conclude this first build, and my right knee can certainly use the rest.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 3, Week 4)

  1. Lionel, do you purposely train at low cadences or do you find that you can generate more power? There is so much talk out there regarding the correlation between high cadence and being more efficient on the bike and thus, presumably, sparing precious glycogen for the run. What cadence do you typically race at?

    • I was tinkering around with low cadences in hopes of increasing the training effect (requires more force to push). Unfortunately, for me, it is fairly taxing on the knees and so I don’t think I will be able to incorporate it very much into my training. My low end cadence now is about 80 RPM. My average is usually between 83 and 85 RPM. I usually race at around 85 RPM. I am starting to incorporate a bit of high cadence stuff into my training i.e. 10s accelerations trying to hit a max turnover, but I am not doing very much lengthy stuff at high cadences. But, having spent a lot of time in front of mirror, I would say I am not a very efficient cyclist either. So, this may be something I incorporate into my training in the future.

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